Quality & Environment

Quality and environment are two of GLT Herrljunga's core values. Everything is possible to develop, and we are motivated by improving and thinking in new ways. We feel pride and take responsibility for what, and how we produce our products.


We strive to deliver the desired quality to everything we produce. The starting point is that we perceive our customers’ requirements and expectations in a proper way, and satisfy these needs better than alternative suppliers and solutions. Our aim is that each mission is a recommendation for future business. We work continuously to improve the quality by indentifying deviations and work to minimize these.


GLT Herrljunga’s goal is to behave and work to always be perceived as an environmentally-oriented company.
We keep up to date with current laws and regulations, these we considere as a minimum level. We are in continuous dialogue with our customers, suppliers and authorities with the aim to always be well informed about relevant environmental conditions.
Our actions continually provide improvements and to prevent or minimize emissions to the environment. We are constantly working to improve and strive for a good working environment in all our premises. All areas have air humidification systems that ensure even moisture levels and good working environment.