Profile wrapping with foil or veneer

Folied and veneered MDF, chipboard, solid wood or plywood core

Profiles with PO glue or PU glue

  • Profiles of all types; lining, sockets, window sills, aluminium profiles, etc…
  • Coversheets/boards
  • Glass wall sections and dorr frames
  • Special profiles and combinations of glued core materials
  • Subcontracting

GLT Herrljunga has no ”finished” products as the customer’s needs and projects decide what we produce, usually in collaboration with the building and furniture industry. We are committed to maintain high quality throughout the complete chain. Let GLT Herrljunga be a partner where we provide cost-effective and time-efficient solutions!

Our products are ideal for situations where you want to replace solid wood with materials that, in many cases, have better characteristics/qualities (such as aluminum, MDF or plastic), so that you still manage to preserve the surface and feel of real wood.


Veneers are available in different qualities depending on the profile required for finished product and what it has for purpose/function. We provide a solution together with our customers and can deliver veneer that is ready-painted, pigmented or untreated.


Foil comes in many different designs, where the syrface can be smooth, pearl or have the structure of wood, so-called synchronized surface to add a feeling of real wood. Also, we have the ability to wrap the profile with an anti fingerprint i.e. direct laminate/foil.