About us

Since 1948, Herrljunga Träindustri AB has been a subcontractor to companies in the building, furniture and interior industry. Gothenburg's List och Trä (GLT) and Herrljunga Träindustri has since the 1980s developed the profile wrapping technique to become the leading players in Sweden.

In 2015, both companies were bought and continue to be run as a family company. Our goal is to continue to be a creative, solution-oriented and active partner to our customers.

Today’s modern component supplier does not have much in common with the carpentry from 1948 but one is the same: our pursuit of meeting our customers’ wishes for good products at the right price and quality!

GLT Herrljunga’s vision is to challenge and develop through profitable growth as a leading player in profile wrapping and related products and solutions in Europe.

Herrljunga Trä

Profile wrapping is not just lists…

Today we are Scandinavia’s leading company in the profile wrapping industry. With solid professional skills and a modern, highly automated manufacturing process, we match the demands of leading manufacturers of flooring, kitchens, caravans, furniture, doors and much more.

In our new unique line for wide profile wrapping, we can foil/wrap up to 1300mm width.

We would like to act as problem solvers and innovators. We constantly test and develop new constructions and material combinations, often in close cooperation with our customers. The result is time and cost effective solutions.


New opportunities for architects and building designers!

Profile wrapping is a cost effective way when you want even quality and better properties for the end products. Our products are often used to avoid problems that comes with using solid wood, but still maintain the natural wood surface and feel.

We provide solutions with natural veneers as the surface material. One of the benefits of this solution is that the veneer comes treated as desired final charasteristics, being; lacquered, treated or untreated.

Compared to solid wood a veneer solution provides a profile without knots, dry or end cracks. Profile wrapping works well even in situations where special features of the products are required, such as fire safety and strength. We will help you find better solutions to realize your products.