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This means that a small text file, a cookie (cookie) is stored in your browser. Next time you visit our site, the cookie will recognize you again. No personal data (name, email, IP addresses or the like) is stored and we do not follow you as an individual but you remain anonymous.

Two different types of cookies are used:

A permanent cookie that remains on your computer for a specified time.
A session cookie that is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while you are on a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.
We use the analysis to see how to use our site, what you click, which pages you visit. This allows us to better understand you as a visitor and how to get the most out of your visit. The information we collect may be used to target ads through the Google ad network. We also use third party cookies from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that can be added to your ID. The analysis is available to our company and our partners.

The site uses Google Analytics as the analytics tool and what we store is:

Time of your first visit
Time when you visited the site at the latest
When your current visit began
How many times you visited the site
The cake puts a unique ID on your browser
How you found the site (traffic sources)
Turn off cookies

If you do not want targeted ads based on which pages or sites you use, you can disable cookies in the browser (s) you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). You can do this at any time and you can also set the browser to stop allowing cookies. If you do not want Google Analytics to place cookies or track how you use sites, you can download a plugin: This is a global opt-out for Google Analytics that applies to all sites that use Google Analytics.


If you have questions about how the site handles cookies, please contact us.
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